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One of Heincke’s certifications is GMO Free, which refers to the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Heincke’s products and processes. GMOs are living organisms that have obtained DNA from another organism through genetic engineering or molecular biology.

These modifications are made with the aim of increasing nutrients and proteins, making the products resistant to pests, modifying their pigmentation, among others. However, despite the positive aspects, GMOs have many negative effects such as:

  1. Potential damage to the environment.
  2. Impact on biodiversity: they create organisms with advantageous characteristics, thus putting wild species at risk.
  3. Impact on health: they can cause allergies or diseases due to the additional components.

Due to its commitment to safeguarding nature, protecting biodiversity and providing products with the highest quality and health standards, Heincke obtained the GMO Free certification.


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