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The department of Cundinamarca is one of the locations where Heincke produces its panela. In this territory, we find the Eastern Mountains, the plateau of the Bogotá Sabana, the Ubaté and Simijaca valley, the Magdalena valley and the eastern Llanos. Additionally, there is the Magdalena Fuavia Suampuez River, the Humaca River and the Negro River.

Some of the main agricultural products of Cundinamarca are coffee, corn, sugar cane, potatoes and barley. It has favorable conditions for agriculture: an average annual temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, and an average annual rainfall of 1216 mm.

Cundinamarca ranks third in the production of panela nationwide. It produces more than 200 thousand tons per year, has 12 thousand productive farms, and 4 thousand sugar mills. In these farms, 29,000 families work, which makes panela production one of the most important economic activities in this department.

In this location, we have allies that produce panela of the highest quality, which has: honey, molasses, guava, caramel, cocoa, vanilla and nuts flavors; and for having a predominant color that can range from a light orange pantone to a darker one.

At Heincke, we recognize the importance of this department for the production of Panela. We commemorate this wonderful territory with one of our Premium brands, EVA –  Cundinamarca version.


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