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Fair Trade is an alternative trade system, focused on the social aspect and solidarity, which seeks to achieve the development of the people and the fight against poverty.

The main objective of the organizations of Fair Trade is that through the endorsement of the consumers, to participate actively in the support to the producers, the sensitization and the campaign to obtain changes in the rules and the practice of the conventional international trade. This type of trade is much more than just an alternative, it is also a way of doing business in which people and the planet come before profits, combating climate change, poverty, injustice, and gender inequality.

The WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) establishes 10 principles that all organizations based on this type of trade should follow on a daily basis. 

Heincke is a company that believes that anyone has the power to change their reality, we also believe in a new way of doing business where the environment, our people and profits are equally important. Our mission is to reduce the gap that exists between farmers and the international market.

We work hand in hand with farmers in Colombia by selling their products to the international market that values fair trade and organic products. Heincke is a partner of the sugar cane production plants, we make investments in machinery, we certify the farmers as organic, we make long term contracts so that the farmers have their production assured and above all, we pay prices above the market. All this to deliver panela with the highest possible added value. 

We are fully committed to sustainability and our people, to know a little more about it, we recommend the following posts:


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