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Organic food is a great trend in recent times, we have understood that by saying that something is organic it means that it is equal to healthy. However, do we really know what this term means? 

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food means food without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. If non-organic ingredients are used, they must be less than 5% and be on a list of approved substances, known as the “National List” in the United States.

This kind of food does not contain chemical additives. When we talk about products of animal origin, it must be corroborated that they do not contain growth hormones that are harmful to humans, and they must also have more hygienic living conditions, access to larger grazing areas and also organic nutrition. Those of vegetable origin, on the other hand, are assured to be free of pesticides, fertilizers, or chemical ingredients. 

Customers have a genuine interest in eating as healthy as possible. Organic products demand a higher level of quality, less rapid development, and less production so their cost may be a little higher. 

In Heincke we make an incomparable panela since it is made in a way in which more vitamins and minerals are obtained, its flavor is 100% natural and more intense, but mainly we take care of your health since we do not use any chemical product in its elaboration.

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