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Some years after Milton Friedman declared that “the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”, this doctrine is finally coming to its end. A lot of entrepreneurs and companies are skeptical that the only working system is the one that incentivizes squeezing profits out and handing them to shareholders not involved in operations. 

We all are witnesses of all the inequality and natural disasters this system has brought with. That is why leaders in business and finance are rallying for a new narrative. This new system considers satisfying people’s needs over profit.

In order to make this new capitalism sustainable, it needs to recognize the interdependence of healthy people, planet, and economies; reimagines the relationships between the private sector, government, and civil society; and ensures that everyone has access to free and fair markets. 

Work must be an instrument for the satisfaction of human needs, and all structural inequalities must be removed; also, technology must me used to promote democratic ideals and human rights. Success must be measured based on credible common metrics of value creation for all stakeholders. 

We, at Heincke, believe that there are many other ways to make profit where the environment, our people, and profit should not be at odds with each other. We support Colombian farmers cultivating natural and organic products for international markets that value fair trade and we work very hard to reduce the gap between farmers and the international market, our dream is to support 2500 families in Colombia, and we plan to achieve it in 2 years from now. 

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