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Fernando Heincke, CEO and Founder of Heincke was interviewed by Hernán Trello, Director of OLIVIA Colombia. All this as part of Olivia “Transformation Stories”.

In this interview, Fernando spoke about all the decisions he had to make in order to overcome the effects of the crisis. According to him, one of the key points was “to give customers peace of mind”, in the face of a changing context and the beginning of mobility restrictions. Heincke’s response was to come up with a schedule and departure restructuring plan. One of the decisions, for example, was to move smaller trucks and not trailers, which allowed them to overcome some of the transport restrictions issued by the authorities.

Likewise, the CEO of Heincke shared an experience in which he used the crisis as an opportunity, since he decided to set up a packing plant in a Free Zone in Bogotá to centralize the merchandise and improve its dispatches. This project was challenging, as it had to be executed in a short time to meet customer demands. In another situation, a similar initiative could take many months to become a reality. However, Heincke managed to have a warehouse ready in 15 days, and take out the first containers in a month. This decision was very positive, since it allowed a local and international growth of almost 8 times what was initially projected.

Finally, Fernando mentioned that this situation was very complex, since he had all the pressure of decision-making. However, he was able to move his company forward and transform it to better respond to the crisis. In the future, he seeks that each individual within the organization grows both personally and professionally.

The decisions made by Fernando, and Heincke’s response to the crisis show that today more companies with the capacity for innovation, transformation and resilience are needed, as they can adapt to new contexts and move forward.


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