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Every year between mid-April and July, Dorset and London (UK) hold tastings, where thousands of products are put to the test to determine if they are eligible for recognition for their excellent taste.

In this accreditation process, chefs, buyers, retailers, food critics, among others, participate. The objective is to look for an exceptional flavor, leaving aside other considerations such as packaging or brand. In the evaluation, aspects such as texture, appearance, aroma, quality of ingredients and taste are considered.

Within the framework of Alianza Europa, a joint project of Grupo Casado and Heincke, we decided to place our panela as a candidate for accreditation. As a result, among many of the participants we were one of the few to obtain a star, which recognizes the exceptional taste of our products, and which positions us next to large European companies that participated and stood out for their great taste.

This recognition shows our commitment to having products and processes of the highest quality. We not only export panela with an “exceptional flavor”, but we also seek that each commercialized gram contributes to generating a positive change in the world.

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