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Going to the supermarket can be a complete challenge, due to the big amount of products that we can find in this establishments, making for us, getting healthy food, with good flavor and at good prices, a not that simple task.

Improving our health and focusing on our food starts from the very first moment in which we go buying to the supermarket our groceries. This activity is the key point for achieving a good nutrition or not, at the moment we enter the store, all the temptations start to show, and it is really easy to get them. For this we recommend:

  • Do not go to the supermarket hungry, this will help us not falling into temptations of the unhealthy food with tons of sodium and fat.
  • Preview your week meals, this is just for buying those groceries that are really necessary, also making a specific list of the products needed is very helpful. 
  • Take a look at your shopping cart, make sure there is more quantity of fresh products, rather than unhealthy. 
  • Do not let the offers seduce you, because normally those products are the ones that have not been sell and therefore, they are on sale. Make sure that the nutritional label states that the product makes benefits for your health.
  • Observe your shopping cart while paying for your groceries, because there are a lot of temptations in that aisle, chocolates, sweets, chips, sodas, etc. Avoid those cravings and focus on your shopping cart. 
  • Avoid buying food you know it will be wasted, only pick those you will really eat. 

Remember that your biggest priority is your health, take your health as an investment.


Photo by Marcus Spiske on Unsplash

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