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Rosahelena Macía Mejía co-author of the book “Panela a Tradition” thought that the recognition 2 years ago by the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards was the greatest thing that had happened to her, but now in 2020 and thanks to the celebration of 25 years of these awards, the best books were chosen from the best and once again “Panela a Tradition” was selected this time in the Gastronomic Heritage category, “The Best of the Best”.

The category in which the text will represent the country will be in D07 Gastronomic Heritage. “We are going to have the opportunity to represent Colombia and the raw sugar cane farmers from the Department in such an important sector with world gastronomy,” said Andrés Gómez, former director of the Center for Research and Innovation and Technology in the raw sugar cane (panela) sector in Caldas. He will attend the event with Rosahelena Macía Mejía, cook and teacher of the Culinary Arts and Gastronomy program at the Autonomous University of Manizales, who added: “Being there is like being told to play a game with James Rodriguez.”

Rosahelena says that her experience in China in 2018 receiving the “Gourmand World Cook Book Awards” and cooking for the attendees at that celebration was wonderful, she prepared for that great moment: Neira sausages, Pulp of Lulo, chili pepper and sirope of panela, “people came along lead by the aromas,” recalls Rosahelena.


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