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Raw sugar cane is healthier that any other cane sugar sweetener.

It is made without the use of additional chemicals used in the process of white sugar. It has minerals that other sugars don’t have:

Quantity of minerals in mg/100 g
Minerals (mg)White sugarMoscabado sugarRaw sugar cane

Gives a quick boost of energy

Raw sugar cane provides a quick energy boost, making this ingredients great for active people, specially for athletes.

Is a source of calcium

Calcium is an important factor in almost all biological processes. This is a key nutrient to prevent diseases such as: osteoporosis, prevents tooth decay as well as keeps in check cardiovascular health. 

Is a source of potassium 

Potassium helps the nervous system performance as well as muscle regeneration and allows the flow of nutrients into cells. 

It counteracts some of the harmful effects of sodium on blood pressure. It favors the elimination of liquids, acting as a good diuretic.

Is a source of iron

Iron helps fight anemia, is a key factor in the production of hemoglobin a protein that transports oxygen in the body. Iron is also important for hormone production and connective tissue generation. 


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