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Free access to information is a fact, we can learn almost everything in the internet. It is our choice to learn what actually can benefit us, especially regarding nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to avoid making mistakes in our path to a healthy living:

  • Immediate results premises: this products are not recommended since they generate codependence. Miracle pills, yo-yo diets in the long run are not beneficial for our health.  
  • Ultra-processed foods: the rule is simple, try to avoid them at all cost. Instead choose fresh foods.
  • Fat free and no calorie foods: this doesn’t mean that it is healthy, most times it is actually the opposite. An example is sodas and zero sugar sodas that taste sweet.
  • Influencers: this is a sensitive topic, our feedback is to follow the advice of people that are actually promoting a healthy lifestyle rather tan a kick fix.
  • Health coaches: go to somebody that know the latest nutrition details and that sees your individuality as a key factor.

Finally, happiness is key in our nutrition, blessing our body with the write foods is our commitment. The way our bodies should look is not a specific mold, but rather a unique one for each of us. We don’t recommend restrictive lifestyles but ones that incorporate moderation and happiness.

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