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This system is recognized as part of a movement where the encounter arises when we realize that we share the same search: “a new economic genetics that allows values and ethics to inspire collective solutions without forgetting particular needs. The movement is motivated by thousands of people who want to work for a world and not just for a salary.

The System B proposal aims at an economy that includes everyone and that can create integral value for the world and the Earth, promoting forms of economic organization that can be measured from the well-being of people, societies and the Earth, simultaneously and with short and long term considerations. 

B Companies operate under high social, environmental and transparency standards and by their bylaws make legally binding corporate choices taking into account not only the financial interests of their shareholders, but also other and long-term interests such as those of employees, suppliers and consumers, the society to which they belong and the environment.

Heincke is a company that seeks to close the gap between small Colombian producers and international markets. We created the first shared value model in the Colombian agricultural sector in which both parties benefit. We help farmers get certified and improve their processes to become entrepreneurs with a sustainable model over time.

  • We promote organic production.
  • We are transparent with our value chain and promote with our clients a triple purpose vision: environmental, social, and economic.
  • We recognize products/services that reduce the use of natural resources or reduce the shipment of waste to landfills.
  • We recognize supply chain strategies that help reduce poverty through purchasing conditions, working conditions or support for suppliers in vulnerable situations.


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