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Recent studies show that the consumption of sugar cane contributes to the improvement of our oral health. Its juice prevents the development of the annoying cavities and keeps our gums on point. Its regular consumption eliminates the incubation of malignant bacteria that affect our oral health. By implementing this habit, we can make our teeth healthier and stronger. It is proven that we we will achieve a whiter shade in our teeth by this study. It should be noted that this practice must be accompanied by good daily oral hygiene and a healthy diet to achieve better results.

A good and rich way of consuming sugar cane is to peel it and consume it by extracting its juice; its fibrous texture acts as a toothbrush. Many of our ancestors used tree and plant fibers to maintain their oral health. What if we took up those old habits and made them ours? The truth is that the consumption of sugar cane brings us more benefits that we can count.

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