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As many nutritionists warn, approximately 75% of the sugar we eat every day comes from processed foods, and we can find it in products such as vegetable broth, sauces like ketchup or mayonnaise. The reason is clear: we tend to think that we only eat sugar when we add it to our drinks or desserts. The reality is quite different considering that many of the processed products that we eat every day, even if they are not sweet, contain sugars.

When we consider reducing the amount of sugars we eat each day we should not only eliminate sweeteners such as white sugar from our diet. It is also necessary to look at what foods we eat and eliminate them completely from our diet if they have added sugar. The best thing to do in this regard is to eliminate most processed products and opt for a balanced diet based on wholefoods. A good example is the wonderful paleo diet, so healthy and nutritious.

Another option is to substitute sugar by panela. A delicious completely natural sweetener that has nutritional value in contrast with white sugar that has none.

In conclusion, a wide variety of processed products contain sugars, but most consumers are unaware of this. The problem is even greater, because many people stop eating sweets with the aim of reducing their consumption of sugars, but on the other hand do not know that they are consuming it in processed foods. It is important to keep in mind that carbs are transformed in the blood as sugar. Reducing the intake of carbs can help reduce glucose in the blood.


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