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Lately it is really common to heard that the use of masks, antibacterial gel and the hope of the vaccine for COVID is what people are looking for.

The thing is that if we want to stay healthy only doing these things is not enough. It is important as well to strengthen our immune system and one of the ways to do so is with our food intake choices.

The immune system is the shield that protects the body from diseases, experts say that maintaining a balanced diet contributes to good health and there for to boost the immune system.

Our ideal food intake in this time of confinement, should include healthy preparations, enjoyment in cooking, serving adequate portions and to complement the above, perform physical activity every day, or at least three times a week.

That is why Nutricional Therapist, María Paula Guerrero, recommends a 80/20 approach. Where 80% of your meals are going to be healthier options, that includes a good amount of protein, vegetables, a healthy source of fat (avocado, olive oil or nuts) and a small portion of carbohydrates.The other 20% you can treat ourselves with your food of choice.

“It is not about dieting but about having a healthy lifestyle. In which your body is going to be healthy and you are going to be happy. This needs to be fun and at the same time good quality fuel for your body.” says María Paula.

And remember that your body is the best medicine cabinet against diseases!

An ideal beverage to boost the intake of vitamins and specially minerals is aguapanela. A traditional beverage in Colombia that has panela (raw sugar cane), hot water and with a splash of lemon juice.


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