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Nowadays, it is really striking how the climate change is charging its toll on us, so, regarding this issue. What can we do to improve this? As everybody knows, kids are the future of our world and there is no doubt about it. The challenge here is to find a proper way to make them understand the situation, without overwhelming them and help them become part of the solution. 

Today kids are much more aware about these broader and complex socio-scientific issues, which is highly remarkable and as well a great help for the parents, who must find a balance juggling with not scaring children about the future of our planet, while also teaching them sustainable habits that will serve us all well in the short term as in the long term. 

These are some ways to teach sustainable habits to kids: 

  1. Motivate your child to explore.
  2. Ask questions, but let children observe what’s around them.
  3. Talk about sustainability from a local perspective to connect it to global issues. 
  4. Model the behavior you want. 
  5. Don’t scare them. 
  6. Remember: You don’t have to have all the answers.
  7. Keep kids excited to learn and act with these tools.

To know a little bit more about how our company is committed with sustainability, you can see the following post:


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