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We are a service

We supply the world with healthy
and nutritious agricultural products


Heincke Group

Healthy Food & Sustainable Agriculture



The reality of producers,
producer associations, and
communities involved in
our value chain


Heincke Legacy

We take the responsibility for protecting our planet and
making a positive difference to the territories where we operate


Heincke Group

Healthy Food & Sustainable Agriculture


We are a service

We supply the world with healthy
and nutritious agricultural products



La realidad de productores, asociaciones
de productores y comunidades que
participan de nuestra cadena de valor


Heincke Legacy

We take the responsibility for protecting our planet and
making a positive difference to the territories where we operate

Certificaciones Heincke Group. Orgánico, organic, USDA, Organic Europe, EcoCert, GMO free, Gluten free, We support small farmers, we support Colombian farmers, Premium quality products, Marca País, Colombia, ANDI Más País

How do we build long-term relationships with our clients?

By providing value, peace of mind, and trust to their business

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Product Quantity




Operating Frequency

Full and on time service


Our Categories & Brands

We develop, produce, and position our own brands and our clients' brands in the category of healthy food of agricultural origin.

Alternative Sweeteners

EVA - Organic Line /
Pa'Nela - Traditional Line

Bars & Cereals

Bloom Bars - Nutritional and energy bars

Salts & Spices

La Herencia - Flavors that tell stories

We supply the world with healthy food of agricultural origin.


Production facilities we work with throughout the country


Departamentos en los que tenemos operaciones productivas


Producers who are part of our ecosystem


Families who are transforming their reality with Heincke
Take the challenge

Join the transformation of Colombian agriculture as a customer or supplier

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Our Business Lines

 We boost our clients development through services that deliver value and strengthen our vision of transforming the agro-industrial sector

Heincke Agriculture

Agri-food supply services, agricultural development, technical support (quality, communities, good agricultural practices), improved agricultural products, agri-tech solutions.

Heincke Transformation

Production facilities and processes for transforming agricultural products.

Heincke Packing & Packaging

Added value development, packaging service, storage, cross-docking, and cargo consolidation.

Heincke Accelerator

Investment banking, accelerator for ventures and projects with high potential, and business support services.

Heincke Supply

Continuous healthy agri-food supply service, channels for market potential products.

Heincke Healthy

Healthy brands, sustainable processes, and protected environments.

Heincke Store

Physical and digital channels for marketing, development, testing, and experiences of Heincke products and services, other B Corps, partners, and allies.

Heincke for Peace

Productive projects development in communities affected by the armed conflict in Colombia.

What some of the most relevant media say about us

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What Heincke's customers value the most

Without intermediaries

We connect our customers directly with the source, always offering the best, with clear value proposals and the focus on providing the world with high-value food products that impact society. Quality, price, and guarantee.

With threefold impact

We have taken the responsibility for developing visions, strategies, and business models aimed at generating threefold triple impact transformation in the agricultural sector.

Guaranteed Quality

Our quality assurance control goes from cultivation to the hands of the consumer. We always deliver the best, as we would like to receive it ourselves.

Leaders in healthy trends

We respond to and anticipate habit and consumption changes of healthy food among consumers across the world.

Comprehensive Service

We transfer our best practices to our stakeholders: employees, suppliers, and other interest groups.

Best products for a better world

We develop and innovate in all the processes of our production chain to provide the world with the best products of the highest quality and with the best prices.

Some frequently asked questions

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there a limit on the quantities that I can purchase?

We are a wholesale supply company. We are able to manufacture large quantities of products as well as distribute for businesses, warehouses, and department stores in domestic and international markets.

Can I develop my own brand and sell your products?

Certainly! We provide comprehensive support in developing your own brand, including packaging, storage, and logistics to your target markets.

Can I have quick and effective access to information about my order?

Absolutely! We offer complete transparency and regular updates on your order's information so that you can monitor it in real-time and verify the conditions at every stage of the process. This allows you to have firsthand and accurate information of the status with each participant in the chain of production, from origin to delivery.

Heincke FAQ

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