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Not only sugar is produced from that tall and tall stem of the cane, it is a plant that offers different uses.

Its cultivation generates permanent employment, contributes to economic development, contributes to social stability and becomes one of the crops that works and is committed to caring for the environment and sustainability.

Its permanent study allows to generate technological development as registered from the Research Center of Sugar Cane, Cenicaña.

Nothing is wasted on the sugarcane. Its leaves and bagasse are used in food for animals such as cattle and swine.

Electric energy is generated from the combustion of the bagasse. From candies and sugars, candies, sweets and drinks are made.

Through a process of distillation of honey, ethanol is manufactured, vehicular fuel, considered as the great alternative in the absorption of CO2, thus contributing to the care of the environment.

Sugarcane fiber is used to make paper. This fiber has the characteristic of being biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

It is important to emphasize that biological control is done in cane crops, making the use of insecticides minimal or no longer used.

It is a sector committed to sustainability, a high percentage of sugarcane growers makes large investments in irrigation systems for windows, in this way they have managed to reduce the use of water, generating savings of up to 50%.

On the sugarcane, the care of the environment and water resources has not been given the last word. More qualities and uses are found every day.

Source: Procañ

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