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Ensure healthy lives and promote well being at all ages for all is the Sustainable Development Gold #3. In Heincke we offer a product that replaces refined sugar (simple carbohydrate) with panela (complex carbohydrate). Refined sugar is related to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems and others.

Here’s the difference: a simple carbohydrate is consumed and glucose and insulin in the blood are triggered almost immediately and also drops dramatically generating a vicious circle in which the proper functioning of our body is affected and that additionally generates an insatiable hunger in people.

On the other hand, a complex carbohydrate is digested more slowly, it releases glucose in a sustained manner in the blood without generating bites of glucose or insulin, generating a virtuous circle in the body to generate adequate energy, as long as its consumption is not excessive.

Additionally, panela does not have sulfur dioxide, which is used in refined sugar as a bleaching agent. This component is associated by several food and nutrition organisms (INAN) as a possible cause of respiratory disorders, psychic alterations and gastrointestinal consequences.

Writer: María Paula Guerrero

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