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Our people are the measure of our success, that's why we want to listen to your concerns and requests.

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We are a Colombian Agrifood Supply service company for national and international markets. We are here to solve any question or need you may have and provide you with quality and value service.

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We are looking for producers, distributors, entrepreneurs, marketers and clients who want to impact the world in a positive way. Es tiempo de evolucionar. Transformemos el mundo juntos.



Tocancipa Free-Trade Zone
Cellar 64
Cundinamarca, Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients

We want to solve all your concerns, you can review our complete list of the most frequently asked questions that our customers have. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there a limit on the quantities that I can purchase?

We are a wholesale supply company. We are able to manufacture large quantities of products as well as distribute for businesses, warehouses, and department stores in domestic and international markets.

How is Heincke different from other agri-food service providers?

Heincke has a comprehensive service ecosystem for you. We go from sowing, in certified crops with technical and standardized processes, the development of brands, products and enriched value propositions, to storage, logistics and commercialization at national and international points of sale. A complete service from beginning to end with an excellent cost-benefit and guarantee.

Order tracking: Do I have the information of my order available quickly and safely?

Absolutely! We offer complete transparency and regular updates on your order's information so that you can monitor it in real-time and verify the conditions at every stage of the process. This allows you to have firsthand and accurate information of the status with each participant in the chain of production, from origin to delivery.

Can I develop my own brand and sell your products?

Certainly! We provide comprehensive support in developing your own brand, including packaging, storage, and logistics to your target markets.

Can I make my own developments and differentiate myself using your services?

Of course. We have differentiated services for the development of brands, products, services, methodologies and systems for our clients. Distributors and consumers increase their confidence by receiving innovative products of the highest quality, which becomes a competitive difference compared to markets that offer similar products or in the same category, but without a value proposition or differentiated process traceability and validated.

What food safety and traceability standards do you meet?

We have the food safety and traceability standards required by government policies for the destination countries to which we are heading. Process certifications, organic certificates, material certificates, among others.

Can I know the company's quality and traceability indicators?

Of course. We offer our clients the possibility of knowing our updated quality and traceability indicators. We also carry out constant evaluations of the techniques developed and personnel responsible for the internal phases of the company in order to have guaranteed food safety based on the client and the final consumer.

What happens in case of incidents, crises or food safety alert?

We have Crisis Protocols and Warranty Support. We carry out a rigorous step by step and an exhaustive control of traceability where the shortcomings of the processes in the supply chain are identified and allows us to take pertinent actions to avoid damage to production and protect our clients from losses and affectations.

Is there any kind of intermediation with you?

No, there is no intermediation, everything is direct with Heincke Group. We directly connect our customers with the origin, we produce, develop and market our products and services, always offering the best, with clear value propositions and with a focus on providing the world and our customers with high-value food products and services that impact the world and the society. Quality, price and guarantee.