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This national product is one of the keys that Colombian ‘beetles’ use to have outstanding performances in Europe.

Colombia has been characterized as one of the countries that has brought the best cyclists to professionalism in last years. The work of runners like Rigoberto Urán and Nairo Quintana is highlighted in the main international competitions.

These actions have opened the opportunity for new generations, which are being headed by Miguel Ángel ‘Superman’ López and Egan Bernal, who are starting to show all their talent in the best teams in the world.

A common factor
Although, to be excellent high performance athletes you must have a balanced diet during their entire career, when they started cycling, these athletes were fed traditional products of each region, foods that according to many, are the source of our energy bikers.

Many of our cyclists are born in Boyacá or Cundinamarca, departments characterized by the agriculture and that are classified as the agricultural pantries of Colombia. This aspect is essential for knowing the diet of athletes, on multiple occasions Nairo Quintana has affirmed that the origin of his strength comes from national products.

Just like the famous snack, which gives strength and energy to our athletes, panela is also one of those typical foods that we consume the most.

Why is panela a source of energy for our athletes?

In the purely sporting case, the advantages that this product has are incalculable, because people who perform a high-performance physical activity need a huge amount of sugar to be able to respond positively.

The panela is a natural product and does not need chemical additives for its preparation, providing a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

It also generates more energy for athletes because it contains carbohydrates of rapid absorption, which is ideal because it provides greater resistance to the body and does not contain harmful fat.

All these qualities help prevent chronic diseases such as anemia and strengthen bones, being these two of the multiple advantages of constant consumption.


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