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One of the communities we support is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a place defined by its mixture of magic and nature.


Located in these sacred mountains of Northern Colombia, this project is close to our heart. The indigenous people that live here are preserving the natural world keeping alive ancient traditions  by intentionally producing organic panela and coffee for the world to enjoy.

While maintaining harmony and balance with mother nature, they cultivate sugar cane in a mountain paradise of  peaks soaring more than 18 000 feet above the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Thirty-five glacier-fed rivers tumble down from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, irrigating the plains and valleys of Ariguaní and Cesar rivers. With temperatures varying from 15- 20 degrees, it is the perfect location to produce unequalled sugar cane and coffee.

Colombian panela produced by this community supports 180 families. Old traditions supported by the newest technology gives this panela its uniqueness.

According to tradition, production starts with the moon phase calendar and it is said that the harvest thus acquires the magic of the sun that gives the cane it’s unique sweetness.


Our mission is to support their legacy and share this amazing gift.

Organoleptic characteristics:


This Colombian panela from the Sierra Nevada has a light brown color, its under notes are caramel and wood, it has a sweet aroma and its texture is soft and fluffy when it melts in the mouth.

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